Be a Mac Developer! Tools I Use on Mac.

I'd like to write down what tools I use for Mac/iOS Development. Not sure if I have time to keep it updated, but I'll try my best. :P

  • Deploymate: Deprecated/unsafe API scanner. Mostly, I use it for backward/forward compatibility. You'll need it when newer version of Mac/iOS is coming, or..., when someone ask you to support old OS......
  • Spark Inspector: I use it when I was tuning UI or developing UI components. You can also try another similar tool Reveal.
  • Alcatraz: A Xcode package manager I use for managing most Xcode plugins.
  • XVim: Xcode plugins letting you use Xcode like in VIM. If you are a VIM guy, you almost can't live without it.
  • Homebrew: Package manager on OS X like ports on FreeBSD or APT on Linux. I don't use MacPorts anymore.
  • Hopper: Like IDA pro. It's less expensive and natively runs on Mac.
  • SourceTree: Usually I prefer command line tools. Sometimes I'll use its graph view for surfing on commit history.
  • Dash: To me, it's more like Apple's default document viewer. XD
  • CodeRunner: When I want to write a small test function or some experimental codes in Objective-C, I'll choose CodeRunner. (But I still prefer CLI tools for Python, Ruby, etc. :P)
  • Crashlytics: Crash reporting solution on iOS.
  • Network Link Conditioner: Cool tool provided by Apple for testing your apps under different network conditions. Mattt Thompson gave a excellent guide.